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Our Parents' Association
Recent Projects in Claremorris BNS

Claremorris Boys N.S. has a strong Parents' Association who work hand-in-hand with the staff and Board of Management to continue to progress the school forward. The staff are particularly grateful to the Parents' Association for their involvement in the many projects that they have either undertaken on their own, on behalf of the school, or projects that they have assisted the school with. We would like to feature some of those recent projects here. Bicycle Shed, Tree Project, Selection Boxes and School Website. 

green school 8.jpg
green school 9.jpg

Our Bicycle Shed 1 - encouraging boys to cycle to school is a crucial part of our Green School commitment. And they are loving it......!!!!

Our Bicycle Shed 2 - This project couldn't have happened without the support and encouragement of the Parents' Association who were totally behind it from the off.

fourth 1.jpg
planting 4.jpg

Our Tree Project  - we are involved with several groups in trying to plant 30,000 trees in a month. This is a major commitment and our parents are fully on board. 

Our Tree Project  - They support the planting on our school grounds and also are fully involved in the planting of the trees that have been provided for the boys to plant at home. 

selection 3.jpeg
selection 1.jpeg

Selection Boxes - all the boys in the school received selection boxes to bring home for Christmas...hopefully, they made it all the way under the Christmas's hard to be sure!

Selection Boxes  - Our Parents' Association made this possible and everyone at the school, pupils and teachers alike, would like to express their sincere thanks for this wonderful gesture. 

walk 4.jpeg

Our Parents Association's Sponsored Walk 2021 was a huge success and we greatly appreciate their hard work in organising another great day out. 

Finally, finally - we would like to thank our Parents' Association for their sponsorship of €450 towards the cost of creating our fabulous new website. 

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