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Mission Statement
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Claremorris BNS Mission Statement

Claremorris Boys N.S. is a Catholic Primary School. In this school we aim to create an ordered and orderly environment in which children feel secure, in which self-esteem is fostered and in which children can make progress at their work. We aim at a general education, which embodies high academic standards allied to a broad range of experience, which will develop the whole child and prepare him with the demands of further education and the rapidly changing society in which we now live.


Our school encourages parents to become involved in what children do at school and we hope that every parent will take advantage of the opportunities to find out about their child's work, progress and response in school. We also encourage the involvement of parents through their involvement in the Parents’ Association.


Our school promotes gender equity amongst the teachers and the pupils.


Our school will strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the professional and personal development of teachers through staff development programmes.


We see our school as the extension of the home; a place where children are not just taught but where teachers and children work, play and pray together. The ethos of the school is Catholic and in this atmosphere the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of the children is fostered, encouraging pupils and staff.


  • To care for each other and the school, parish, community and the wider world around us.

  • To pray and work for peace in our own school, parish and in the world.


Deanfaimid iarracht Gaeilge a labhairt. 


The School motto “Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí”


 A happy school environment helps us all to reach our potential.

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