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The Claremorris Boys homepage on and below the cover page from the submitted copybook with all 63 collected stories. 


Cover Page 

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A Funny Story

Homemade Toys

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Weather Lore


Local Marriage Customs

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Old Crafts

Claremorris BNS on Dúchas

Claremorris Boys National School has a very strong presence in The Schools' Collection of - an amazing website of contributions compiled by pupils and schools all over the courntry in 1938 -1939 . These were presented in copybook format and forwarded to ensure a snapshot of that era, the stories, pisreógs and wise sayings of parents and grandparents were kept for posterity. The whole collection was digitised eventually and made available through, each page showing the original handwriting of the pupils involved. 

Claremorris BNS has 63 entries on the website, a very substantial number, which involved quite an amount of collecting at the time. Many entries have the same title so we have just linked the first in each to the actual  page on the dúchas website. It is easy to locate all the other entries with the same title once on the website. 

All 63 Titles - Links provided for the first of each story title.

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